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Supporting independence in later life

Peverel Retirement properties offer a worry-free life for Residents and their families.

Designed for an independent lifestyle, but in a safe and secure environment and with the peace of mind of a House Manager, the homes offer the very best in retirement living.

Peverel Retirement properties are located across the UK at 1,500 separate developments, comprising 65,000 homes.

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All of our retirement properties benefit from an Emergency Call Response System. This provides security and peace of mind for residents both during office hours and out-of-hours.

For each development, we select the most suitable suppliers by competitive tender. Many of our properties are supported by CarelineUK and approximately 1 in 3 tenders in 2012 also led to equipment being supplied by Cirrus (both companies are part of our Peverel Building Technologies division).

Where we are given responsibility for placing insurance by the landlord, we use our Financial Conduct Authority - FCA authorised and regulated insurance division, Kingsborough Insurance Services, as a broker to secure suitable cover at competitive rates from the marketplace. However, for some properties we manage, the landlords choose to directly place insurance themselves.

Peverel Retirement

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